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Imagem cuspida  
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2013-07-24 00:58:31

Spitting image

- Seu pai é a imagem cuspida e escarrada do Bezerra da Silva!

By @kinow
Imagina na copa  
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2013-03-19 20:24:45

"Imagine what it'll be like during the World Cup," has become a favorite among Brazilians stuck in traffic, or in line at their woefully overcrowded airports. (from Reuters.com)

- Cara, tu-do parado da marginal tietê até o Pernambuco!
- Poatz! Imagina na copa!

By @kinow
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2012-09-25 21:27:45

A golddigger.

- Cuidado com a Silvia mano, ela é a maior interesseira.

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By @kinow
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2013-04-27 03:18:33

When you are surprised about something that is cool or interesting (When you like something and you are excited about it). In addition, "irado" can be used when you are angry at someone else. However, when using the word "Iradoo" you do need to change your intonation as if you were really happy and surprised!

Kalani: Eu comprei esse novo Iphone essa semana! Veja só, como ele é legal!
Heberton: Nussssss! Que iradoooo.

By @Tokralani

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