Expressions starting with 'J'

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August 30th at 12:20am

Japanese person.

E ae japa, firmeza?
O japa chegou.

Author sampaioa
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jeitinho brasileiro  
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April 9th at 11:10am

Jeitinho can be described as a smooth, sometimes illegal way of solving a problem or even a personal issue.
Second definition: When Brazilians face a big and complicated problem, some people try to find an easier unexpected way of solving it.

Tip: Jeitinho is usually accompanied by Gambiarra!

- Essa menina não quer sair comigo!
- Imagina, podemos dar um jeitinho nisso!

Tags   gambiarra
Author Juliana Arthuso
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João e Maria  
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September 12th at 12:42am

Hansel and Gretel

A bruxa má da história de João e Maria

Tags   contos de fada
Author kinow
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João sem braço  
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September 5th at 1:02pm

"João sem braço" (armless John) is an expression used to say that someone is playing dead in a situation that requires an action from him/her.

- Desculpas não ter ido te ajudar com as compras na cozinha amor.
- Sei... você é maior João sem braço Dú.

Author kinow
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jogar bola  
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April 24th at 6:54pm

Play soccer.

- Quem vai jogar bola amanhã?
- A turma toda, menos o Pedro que pegou a maior gripe ontem.

Author kinow
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Jogar verde pra colher maduro  
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June 2nd at 3:13pm

It translates to "To throw out green fruit and pick it ripe", and means to say something you think is half-true so that another person tells you a secret.

- Ontem contei pro meu pai que fui eu que peguei o carro. Ele já sabia!
- Sabia nada. Ele só jogou verde pra colher maduro.

Author kinow
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Julgar um livro pela capa  
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July 11th at 10:21pm

Judge a book by its cover.

- Acho que esse restaurante não deve ser muito bom.
- Amor, você não pode julgar um livro pela capa. Vamos entrar?

Tags   julgar
Author kinow
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